Why massage supports your wellbeing

Therapeutic massage can make a significant contribution to your total sense of wellbeing. You may also find it very useful if you are dealing with any of these:

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As part of your massage treatment, our massage therapists can often provide guidance on specific stretches that help maintain the gains achieved with massage.

Headaches. When muscular tension in your neck and shoulders builds up as a result of stress or a particular work activity, it often leads to headaches. Therapeutic massage can relieve headaches by increasing blood flow into tight muscles and easing the tension. A number of our clients tell us that regular massage has eliminated their headaches.

Muscular strains and muscle tears. After the initial inflammatory process, massage can be very effective in helping treat muscle strains and tears. However, we strongly recommend you ensure any massage is from a therapist trained and skilled in this field. It is essential to get the timing of any treatment right, and to recognise when you need to be referred to other health practitioners. Our massage therapy for muscle strains and tears uses friction movements to stimulate muscle fibre to repair correctly.

RSI/OOS or frozen shoulder. This problem is caused by repetitive actions, so part of the solution is to ensure your computer workstation is correctly set up for you. But, once the damage is done, therapeutic massage can be very effective in supporting your recovery. We use massage to release muscle tightness in your neck and shoulders, which will reduce pain in your wrists and elbows.

Sciatic pain. Sciatic pain can be experienced as a dull ache in your backside or as a pain in your foot. Our massage therapists can reduce or eliminate the pain by massaging firmly into specific muscles of the hip and gluteus. We encourage you to only use trained, skilled massage therapists for this, as direct massage of the sciatic area can exacerbate the situation.

Endometriosis. If you suffer from endometriosis, you'll already know that symptoms often include heavy, painful menstruation, pelvic and abdominal pain. Massage can help relieve the discomfort by removing tension from your muscles. Our massage therapists often provide a full-body massage using heat.

Fibromyalgia. This is a very painful condition but research shows that massage is effective for many fibromyalgia patients in reducing the related pain, anxiety and depression. We massage very gently.

PMS. Massage is very useful in helping you deal with PMS because it helps re-establish balance in your endocrine and nervous systems. We will alleviate that tight band across your lower back with massage that uses long, flowing strokes.

Menopause. When those huge changes happen in your body during menopause, massage can help you through the process. Our goal will be to support your sense of wellbeing and to make you feel better about your body during this phase of your life.

Breast Cancer. After your surgery, massage can be effective as part of your ongoing wellness plan. Our therapeutic massage helps to open up the remaining lymph glands, which helps them to function more efficiently. Our clients who have had breast cancer often find massage is important in supporting the healing process.

Plantar fascia/ruptured achilles tendon. If you have these old injuries that haven't healed correctly, you'll know that they often cause long-term problems. Therapeutic massage can help. In addition to friction massage to stimulate muscle repair, we will provide guidance for at-home care that will help speed your recovery.