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Specialist Massage Services

Our massage therapists are professionally qualified and only the best are selected for our team. You’re in good hands!


"Kia ora team, I just came in and had a massage with Sarah and wow. It was the best remedial massage I have ever had. She was so knowledgeable – giving me aftercare tips and urging me to be more aware of my posture when working on a laptop. Sarah knew exactly what my muscles needed and how to manipulate them to bring some much needed blood circulation in. I felt like I wanted to cry afterwards because it was such a relief! Thank you!!! Even down to the end of the massage where she did pressure points along my face, I felt like she was draining retained water or something – insane. My neck, shoulders and upper back have been so out of wack from not being used to working at a laptop / looking down.

Beyond perfect solution for that coming and see you guys.

Thank you so much Sarah!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What procedures have you put in place for Covid 19? Your safety is our main priority so we have made changes in the clinic to adhere to this:
    • Firstly, we ask that you stay in your car. We will collect you for your scheduled appointment
    • You will be asked a few health questions pertaining to Covid-19
    • There will be only you and the therapist in the clinic at one time
    • The clinic rooms will be wiped down with medical grade disinfection after each treatment
    • We ask that payment is made in full on-line at the time of booking
    • After your treatment you will exit the Clinic through the front door
  2. How do I know what treatment I need? You can email me to book a call back. I’m happy to chat with you to see what you are looking for and book you in with the therapist I think would suit you best
  3. Does massage hurt? No. We work within your pain threshold. An experienced therapist will know if you are feeling any discomfort from too much depth without you having to tell them.
  4. I’m pregnant how do you massage me? We massage you by lying on your side in the recovery position hugging our big long pregnancy pillow. It is safe, comfy and you are positioned well for us to work those sore hips and lower back. You will then lie on your back inclined whilst we massage your legs feet neck and head
  5. How often should I come for a massage? We recommend a monthly massage. If you are coming with a specific problem area we may ask you to come in for a massage weekly for 2 to 3 sessions. Once you are up to 80% better we will be looking at a monthly massage as maintenance.
  6. How will I know massage is working? You should feel the benefits from your first massage. We will form a treatment plan when you first come in and by your fourth massage, if you are not feeling any different we will refer you to one of our referral network specialist.
  7. How can I maintain feeling better? We will offer you post stretches and discuss any changes that may need to be made about how you are positioned at your office desk or any other workstations, or areas of your lifestyle.
  8. What do I need to do after my massage? Drink plenty of water and herbal infusions to help flush out toxins. Massage speeds up the lymphatic system which is our body’s mechanism for flushing out toxins. Water helps this process. Also avoid alcohol or smoking for the next 24 hours

You will find our clinic at 114 Clarkin Road. The clinic is centrally located just outside the CBD with plenty of off street parking.

Opportunities for Therapists !

Jane Harris Massage Therapy Clinic is an ever growing team with a range of specialists and therapists working to fulfil the needs of our clients.

If you are an experienced therapist who is looking to move to New Zealand, or the Waikato, we would welcome your inquiry about present or upcoming job opportunities with us.